Groenrecycling Utrecht b.v.

The environment deserves our best care. Care provided by Groenrecycling Utrecht. We are an innovative company that specialises in recycling plant residue without creating an impact on the environment.

Already in 1991, Groenrecycling Utrecht was one of the first companies to organically transform plant residue into new, high-grade products. Since then, our company has grown into a leading organisation in its field.

We have developed aeration systems and special machines for transforming material and sieving the final product. In addition, we have an entire meteorological station at our disposal, which enables us to immediately translate weather conditions into measures that need to be taken during the compost process. High-tech at its best, and on which you can safely rely for processing green waste.

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Overview of products

  • Tree sand and soil

    Trees grow under varying circumstances and in different soils. In our pursuit of the perfect living environment for trees we joined forces with...

  • Garden soil

    Garden soil increases the earth quality of your garden. Our high-grade garden soil is manufactured by Groenrecycling Utrecht. The reason...

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