Innovation runs through Agterberg’s blood!

As our organisation is on stand-by 24/7 for calamities, events and ice-prevention, it naturally often needs to improvise.

That same capacity to improvise leaves its mark on the products we offer. Our fibreturf construction for sporting fields has evolved into an excellent surface for multi-purpose areas. Green, very porous and always rideable. Even under extreme weather conditions.
This in turn has led to the acquisition of the selling rights of a new product for the Dutch market: WaterXtra.
This product combines extreme water absorption and a high rate of water release to plant and tree roots, thus preventing the roots from drying out. Additional sprinkling is therefore not necessary.

In wintry circumstances we act swiftly to make the roads, bicycle paths and parking spaces of surrounding municipalities and approximately 130 companies accessible and passable.

Agterberg also disposes of numerous fences and signs as well as the manpower to create enclosures during events or in the event of a calamity.

No matter how daunting the issue, challenge, problem or calamity is that needs to be dealt with:

Call Agterberg!

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Overview of products

  • Calamities

    The quick deployment and ample availability of fencing and equipment are vital issues during events and calamities. We have everything you need...

  • Ice Prevention

    Ice can lead to considerable traffic problems, with all of the risks to match. If you are responsible for the safety of traffic participants on...

  • Multi-purpose areas

    You might know precisely what we’re talking about: just as you have organised an event, your grass area is turned into a inaccessible mud...

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